Search Engine Optimization


It takes a lot of hard work and manual effort to effectively rank in the SEO game, and no one else is willing to make the investment.  Our business model includes manual hands on effort for SEO.  We are not a large scale low cost template website company.  We truly put alot of hard work into getting your automotive website up to the top of the listings.

AWM Carsites’ goal is to provide relevant listings for the searcher so that your dealership appears in the first page and at the top of all Search Engines. Where we go beyond the competition is in getting your site to the top of search engine for high volume keyword phrases that people use when buying a car. We position your website where it will get visits and convert them into leads. 


Optimize Every Page in your Website


Not only will AWM optimize your home page, we will make sure each and every page is successfully optimized using relevant content and proven techniques. This will ensure that you will increase your visibility for new car inventory and used car inventory as well as all profit centers including Service, Parts, Rentals, Body Shop, etc... Auto Dealer Websites by AWM Carsites are designed to help all departments make more money.


Proven Offsite Automotive SEO


We use proven offsite techniques to build link popularity which helps drive your listings to the top. Automotive SEO goes beyond what happens on the website itself. The search engines want other sites to link to you. AWM Carsites knows the best ways to get your website out there. 




High Volume Keywords


Both the money terms and the long tail are important but if you’re not dominating the money terms, you have your work cut out for you.  You need a lot of long tails to generate the same traffic as the money terms.  At AWM Carsites, you get the full spectrum when it comes to automotive SEO.  We will not short change you.  Watch out for the smoke and mirrors with the competitors here.  There is a lot of misinformation out there. 


Lead Conversion Optimization


Sending traffic to your website is just the first step.  Sending TARGETED traffic to the RIGHT pages can be the difference between a lead and a bounce.  AWM optimizes the proper lead-generating pages with the appropriate keywords that allows visitors to find exactly what they want quickly.  For the dealer, this means that more people will submit a lead instead of leaving the site because your AWM website meets their goals immediately. 


The Power of Social Media


Social Media done right can provide you with a serious amount of power when it comes to SEO.  Utilizing Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr and Blogging, you can achieve results beyond anything available.  At AWM Carsites, we have been utilizing social media for car dealers longer than anyone.

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